Warm up

5 Minutes Erg
1 Min Anterior Delt Smash
1 Min Tricep Smash
1 Min Lats Roll
1 Min Lower Back Roll

Into: 2 Rounds
10 x Squat to Front Raise
10 x Banded Overhead Press
10 x Overhead Tricep Extensions



3 Rounds 

A1) 8 x Single Arm Kb Overhead Reverse Lunge

A2) 6 x Single Leg Kb Romanian Deadlift (3 Sec -)

A3) 50m Single Arm Kb Farmers Carry 

60s Rest Between Rounds 


4 Rounds: For Time..

25 Minute Cap 

30 x Kb Single Arm Over Head Reverse Lunges 16/24kg
20 x Kb Shoulder To Overhead 16/24kg
20 cal Bike/Ski/Row
30 x Box Step Ups