Warm up

5 Minutes Erg
1 Min Anterior Delt Smash
1 Min Tricep Smash
1 Min Lats Roll
1 Min Lower Back Roll

Into: 2 Rounds
10 x Squat to Front Raise
10 x Worlds Greatest Stretch
10 x Kb Windmills



4 Sets 

A1) 6 x Db Neutral Curl to Overhead Press (each side)

A2) 12 x Wall Balls

A3) 30” S/A OH KB Hold

60s Rest Between Rounds 


4 Rounds x 2

Every 3 Minutes Complete The Following: 

15 x Db Hang Clean & Press @15/22.5kg
 15 x Wall Balls @14/20lb
 200m Run or 400m Bike Erg

3 Minutes Rest Between Rounds