Warm Up

Lower Body 


5 minutes easy pace 65-70% MHR

Into: 2 Rounds

10 x Squat Hold to Rotation

10 x Single Leg Glute Bridges

10 x Front Lunge to Rotation 


3 Rounds

12 x Dual Kettlebell Front Rack Squats 

15 x Dual Kettlebell RDLs 

60s Wall Sit 

1 Min Rest Between Rounds


Teams of 2: 1:1 Work:Rest

22 Min Cap 

2000m Ski Erg
80 x Dual Kettlebell Front Rack Squats @16/24kg
1500m Row Erg
80 x Kettlebell Deadlifts
1000m Run
80 x Synchro Kettlebell Swings