5 Minutes Erg
1 Min Lower Back Roll
1 Min Quads Roll
1 Min Hamstring Roll
1 Min Glutes Roll

Into: 2 Rounds
10 x Side Plank Rotations
10 x Alt. Deadbugs
10 x Cat Camels


3 Rounds 

A1) 6 x Deadball Shoulder to Over Head 

A2) 8 x Tricep Box Skullcrushers 

A3) 30” Kb Front Rack Isometric Hold

60s Rest Between Sets


4 Rounds For Time.. 

25 Minute Cap 

20 x Deadball Shoulder to Overhead 15/35kg
20/24 Cal Ski/Bike/Row
10 x Dbl Kb Cleans 12/20kg
500m Hill Run