5 Minutes Erg
1 Min Anterior Delt Smash
1 Min Lats Foam Roll
1 Min Lower Back Roll
1 Min Hamstrings Roll
1 Min Glutes Roll


Into: 2 Rounds
10 x Deadbugs (Alt. Limbs)
10 x Worlds Greatest Stretch
10 x Squat Hold To Front Raise


3 Rounds 

A1) 6 x Double Db Hang Snatch 

A2) 16 x Alternating “Chest Held” Dumbbell Row (One Arm Always At Chest)

A3) 10 x Single Arm Dumbbell Oblique Crunches + 20” Isometric Hold

60s Rest Between Sets



Every 3 Minutes Complete The Following..
4 Rounds 

8 x Double Db Hang Snatch @15/22.5kg
8 x Hand Release Burpees
400m Run 

3 Min Rest 

4 Rounds
12 x Db Deadlifts @15/22.5kg
12 x Bent Over Row
12/16cal  Ski/Row