Warm Up


5 minutes easy pace 65-70% MHR

Into: 2 Rounds

10 x Squat Hold to Rotation

10 x Single Leg Glute Bridges

10 x Front Lunge to Rotation


3 Rounds

A1) 10 x Overhead Kettlebell Reverse Lunges (double)

A2) 8 x Kettlebell Front Squats

A3) 30” Kneel to Squat

1 Min Rest


Benchmark Workout 4

Every 3 Minutes Complete The Following..

6 Rounds

350/300m Ski/Row or 700/600m Bike

20 x Air Squats

10 x Push Ups

5 x Burpees

In remaining time, complete max Dumbbell Squat Press @22.5/15kg

Goal = 60 x Dumbbell Squat Press