Cooling off period 

Our memberships have a seven day cooling off period, during which time you can cancel and a full refund will be provided by us. 

Cancelling your membership: 

After the cooling off period, you may cancel your Direct Debit agreement with us with 28 days written notice to the specific 98 gym location you train at. Like many contracts, cancelling a gym membership may mean paying a fee, and paying out the remainder of your 28 days. If you cancel your membership and your membership has a minimum term, you will be required to pay an early termination fee of 50% of the remaining amount of your term. 

Suspending your membership: 

You may temporarily suspend your membership for any reason for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks, a maximum of 2 times per year provided all fees payable by you are up to date. You must give us at least 2 weeks’ notice in writing to the 98 gym location you train at. We may agree to suspend your 

Membership for longer periods / more often for travel, medical or hardship reasons but you must provide us 

with any supporting documents we request. 

Late fee/ No show 

At 98, we want to make an effort to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to train. To make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to take classes, we have introduced late cancel and no show reservation policies for our members. We want to help ensure that those booked into classes actually attend, and those who need to drop out do so in a timely manner. 

Now you made a reservation for a class but something comes up and you can’t make it. What should you do? 

We get it, things come up, you don’t feel well, and your kids are sick; life happens. Cancel your reservation IMMEDIATELY by using the 98 Gym App or via Mindbody online. 

If you need assistance on understanding HOW to cancel a class, please let the manager help and show you. We are here to help and want you to feel as comfortable with the app and the cancellation process. 

Please cancel reservations up to two hours of a class’s starting time so that someone else can experience the class you’ll be missing. If you fail to cancel a reservation and/or don’t make it to class, you may be charged a $10.00 “no show/late cancellation” fee*. (If there should be a sudden emergency within the two hour window, please contact your 98 Gym location directly.) Any reasonable exemptions in writing to the 98 gym specific location email will be taken into consideration by the manager to waive the fee.

Gym Rules 

These Gym Rules are issued by 98 Franchise Pty Ltd (“GYM”) and must be adhered to by members and users of the GYM to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment. Members should respect the health and safety of each other while on the GYM premises and must comply with any Occupational Health and Safety requirements of the GYM. Any internal signage displayed around the GYM forms part of the Gym Rules. If a member is seen to be in breach of the Gym Rules, the GYM reserves the right to terminate the membership of the member and take further action if deemed appropriate 


Hours of the GYM will differ per 98 GYM location. These may be varied at the discretion of the management. Each location must run a minimum of 4 classes a day during the week and 1 class on a Saturday, these classes will fall into the following times: 

● Monday – Friday 5am – 8pm 

● Saturday 6 -10am 


Access to the GYM will differ per 98 GYM location. Access to the GYM is only allowed through the main entrance. If open gym is an option in your location, discuss with management of your location on how to gain out of class hours access. Members are responsible for alarming the GYM if anyone or anything unusual is happening in the location outside of staffed hours.. 


In order to foster a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere within the GYM we ask members to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. All members should be courteous to staff and other members while working out. 


Suitable footwear is required to be worn at all times. All members must wear clean and suitable tops and bottoms at all times for safety and hygiene reasons. 


You must respect the other tenants within the building and local residents. Noise must be kept to a minimum. Do not slam, drop, clang or throw equipment on the floor, when you are finished. 


Any member who causes damage to equipment or any property of GYM may be held liable for damages. Members will be held responsible for damage caused by children or guests. If members notice and damage please inform management of your location asap. 

| FOOD |

Food is not permitted on the gym floor. 


The Gym has fire exits which are clearly marked with appropriate signage. In case of a fire emergency please evacuate the building immediately. In case of an emergency please call: 

Fire “000” 

Police “000” 

Ambulance “000” 

Location management, found on 98gym.com website under the location specific page | WATER | 

Water is provided in the water bubblers located in the gym. 


Smoking is not permitted in any area of the GYM. 


While exercise is a sweaty business, please try to combat your sweat and body odour for the comfort of other members. 


Lockers may be provided in your 98 GYM location, for use ONLY while training in the GYM, and are used at the member’s own risk. While all care is taken, the GYM will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of belongings placed in lockers or brought on the premises. If a pin code cannot be remembered or locker number cannot be identified, belongings cannot be retrieved until the close of the GYM on the same day. Unclaimed property will be kept for 14 days and thereafter donated to charity 


Please ensure that all weights and equipment is returned after you are finished using them. Under no circumstances can any equipment be removed from the gym. Please advise the location manager if any equipment is not working properly or damaged. 


Always double check that you leave the gym in the same condition you found it. | MAINTENANCE | 

Management reserves the right to close off any part of the premises or any piece of equipment for maintenance at any time. 


Guests may enter the GYM premises on payment of a Casual Membership Fee through the 98 Gym app or MindBody. All guests must be at least 16 years of age, be accompanied by you, and leave the GYM at the same time as you do. A reference to members in this document include their guests 


As a member of a 98 GYM you are eligible for a 50% discount on casual visits and 10 class passes at the respective gyms. You will receive the discount code in your welcome email which can be used when making the purchase. We will also hold a monthly ‘All In’ workout where members of all 98 Gyms will be invited to participate in a Game Day session at one of the 98 locations free of charge. 


During or immediately prior to your Membership, we may obtain certain personal information (such as about your health and your financial position). The GYM will only use, disclose or deal with such information in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which can be provided to you or accessed at the GYM website located at https://www.98gym.com/ Additionally, for safety and security reasons the GYM may use surveillance in common areas. 


As a Member – for your safety, if you fall pregnant, we require letter of medical clearance from your physician to facilitate your continued participation

Membership Terms and Conditions (no minimum term)

Membership Terms and Conditions – Foundation and Promotional (minimum term)