At 98 we always want more from our performance, both physically and mentally. We know that the way we approach our time in the gym will translate to the way we approach every aspect of our lives. Under pressure, we’ll only ever be as good as our training. That’s why we train so hard. We build resilience.

Team 98 consist of trainers from a range of backgrounds including former elite athletes, members of the defence force and more.

As a member of 98 Bondi, 98 Brisbane, 98 Melbourne ,98 Riley St or 98 Sydney you are eligible to a 50% discount on casual visits and 10 class passes at the respective gyms. You will receive the discount code in your welcome email which can be used when making the purchase.

We will also hold a quarterly  ‘All In’ workout where members of all 98 Gyms will be invited to participate in a Game Day session at one of the 98 locations free of charge.



  • Smartphone entry system
  • Wide range of cutting-edge Rogue Strength and Conditioning equipment
  • The latest range of Concept2 Ski Ergs, Rowers and Bike Ergs
  • 2 x group training areas
  • 400 sqm of open-plan gym space
7 Session Trial
Valid for Classes only. Book 7 sessions across 14 days. Limited availability.
7 Sessions
All Access
This allows you open gym access & unlimited weekly access to all 98 classes. Includes 98 Training app access. Please contact for smartphone entry access.
1 month minimum
Class Membership
Unlimited weekly access to all 98 classes. Includes 98 Training app access.
1 month minimum
Off Peak Membership
Classes Mon-Sat from 7:30am onwards and Open Gym access outside of class times. Includes 98 Training app access.
1 month minimum
Part-time Membership
Attend up to 2 classes per week.
1 month minimum
Open Gym Access
Access to open gym outside of 5:30-8:30am. Does not include classes. Contact to organise smartphone entry access.
1 month minimum
10 Class Pass
Access to all 98 classes.
10 Class Pass
Casual Visit
This allows access to classes only. Must be booked online.
Single Visit
Visitor Pass
3 class pass over 7 days, with no contract, for visitors.
Visitor Pass