Our group classes feature comprehensive goal based strength and conditioning programming that’s progressive, ensuring that clients continuously improve.

All classes are programmed by our highly qualified, experienced and respected trainers known as Team 98.



A 45-minute full-body power workout comprised of 2 equally important series.

Series 1 – A combination of lifting and plyometric exercises designed to prime for the week ahead and develop power and speed strength qualities.
Series 2 – A series of erg sprint intervals with an intention of expressing power


A 60-minute strength session focusing on upper or lower body movements such as overhead press, bench press, rows, squats, lunges holds and carries. These sessions are progressive, balancing overload and recovery as we build towards testing in week 13.

Energy System Development

A 45-minute erg/run specific session – Whether completed on ski, row, bike or runner, this session will develop your ability to produce and utilise energy, increasing your capability to perform when needed.


98 Hybrid is a non-specialised General Physical Preparedness program, suitable for the general population and specialised athletes alike.

A stand-alone training program, Hybrid uses loading implements like dumbbells and kettlebells exclusively to promote training efficiency and is a great starting point for those new to strength and conditioning.

Game Day

An opportunity to showcase your mental and physical capability in our signature team-based workouts.